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    Welcome To Ananya Homestay

    Sringeri is one of the most honorable holy towns in South India, which is situated on the banks of Tunga River. The town is located in Chikmagalur district in Karnataka. Sringeri got its name from the epic character Rishyasringa, the most popular personality in Ramayana. It is a active city with the presence of world renowned Sri Sarada Samsthanam constituted in 7th century by Saint Adi Sankaracharya. Adi Sankaracharya, the great person of Advaita Vedanta philosophy, had established his first shrine in Sringeri.

    As a part of the western Ghats, Sringeri renders spic views of nature. The region encompassingis rich with amazing waterfalls and beautiful scenery. There are very famous attractions in and around Sringeri. Agumbe which is a spectacular sunset point, Jog Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India, Kudremukh is an amusing hill-station and Sringagiri hills which is the birth place of Sage Rishyasringa are all at driving distances away from Sringeri.

    Sringeri offers you with a totally unique and different way of seeing and experiencing the local lifestyle and practices of the people around here.Annaya Homestay has much to offer in terms of Malnad food, attractions and most significantly, a village type of living environment.If you are visiting or touring around Sringeri, you can easily find affordable and comfortable homestays here like the Ananya Homestay.

    Ananya Homestay is where you will be staying amidst the local community with very friendly neighbours and located not far from the public amenities like food outlets and convenience stores as well as from Shree Sharadamba Temple.

    Adventure, natural beauty and caring for the environment – how often does one get an opportunity to help their environment when they go on holiday? With Annaya Homestays, you can. Here's a concept that wraps travel, tourism and ecological development in to one attractive experience. You can both relax and watch a movie or visit the shree mutha which are near while enjoying a wide range of food and beverage options.

    Ananya homestay offers the perfect combination of uncompromising hospitality and amenities that a business traveler or a tourist would require.

    At the Ananya Homestay, you will be staying within the town of Sringeri where the house comes with 2 bedrooms which are equipped with wardrobe and dressing table. You will also be able to enjoy a complete set of home appliances that include iron and ironing board, television with Astro satellite channels, a spacious living room with sofa, kitchen and cooking facilities as well as a dining area. Apart from that, there is also a refrigerator and many more .

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    Our Location

    Annaya Homestay

    Shivamoga Road
    Sringeri - 577 139
    Phone: 082 652 50059
               +91 944 920 5524
    E-mail: ananyahomestay@gmail.com

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